1. Vmusic's Avatar
    I'm looking for a file manager with three, what I consider to simple and common sense requirements
    1. Access to my SD card
    2. Access to my LAN (through my WiFi) where I have an external hard drive
    3. The ability to select MULTIPLE files, by date (created date) with a real date picker [not some cryptic secret search language]

    Everyone knows ever since Windows USB Mass Storage functionality was taken away - access android from a PC simply sucks. MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is slower than my grandmother. IT's SICK and totally lame trying to manage Adroid files through a PC. I do NOT want to use FTP. READ - NO FTP.

    These three requirements are needed to effectively manage Adroid files. Key word EFFECTIVELY, which means in seconds I can archive files up to my NAS on my home network. In Windows Explorer with MTP it takes 20 minutes to move one months' worth of pictures up to my storage.

    Why is managing files in Adroid soooOOOOOooooOOooo difficult. Why isn't there a full featured file explorer (with date picker) built in? I'm really a big boy, I can really manage my own files. Why does Android treat users like the Apple folks, like we're little kids who can't manage our own files?

    Do any such file explorer apps EXIST???? (I've tried a number and they don't have ALL of these requirements) - Perhaps I missed something.

    Frustrated in Philly
    01-09-2016 09:29 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I'm not sure if this fits the bill, but give Total Commander a try.
    01-09-2016 07:17 PM

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