1. Cyvain87's Avatar
    Hi hoping to get some help with finding s good quality reliable podcast app to suit my needs. I have tested out a couple and the last one i felt i had settled fine for i have found a huge issue with recently when trying to get a friend to use the app, despite that function not being one i use personally.

    What I'm looking for is a podcast app where i can sub to audio podcasts, not particularly bothered about video ones myself, most of the ones i follow are in the itunes library. Secondly another requirement i have is for it to have a proper dark/black theme not just a icky grey theme as its "dark" theme and certainly not a tonne of white in the menus and rest of the ui for various reasons it would just make this post even longer if i were to explain.

    Any suggestions from you guys out there?
    01-19-2016 05:54 PM
  2. Todailytechroberts's Avatar
    Pockcast is a great app and now has timeline so you can sort by specific times

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    01-20-2016 08:11 PM
  3. Cyvain87's Avatar
    Is that a free one? I'm also hoping to find a free one if possible.
    01-21-2016 12:33 PM
  4. Sunhop's Avatar
    Podcast Republic takes care of all my needs. Simple UI with the best search feature on a free podcast app. It also has a dark theme.

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    01-22-2016 03:09 AM
  5. ecksmc's Avatar
    PlayerFM free to use free to download podcasts
    01-24-2016 05:17 PM
  6. Ry's Avatar
    Pocket Casts wins for me every time.


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    01-24-2016 10:17 PM
  7. Cyvain87's Avatar
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll take a look at them all and see which rod best for me.
    01-28-2016 08:02 PM
  8. dirtyjudo's Avatar
    01-29-2016 03:12 AM
  9. YesEvil's Avatar
    I use the free version of Podcast Addict, I find it great and easy to use
    01-29-2016 09:19 AM
  10. Cyvain87's Avatar
    Podcast addict is the one I had tried and because fkr some reason it implies it will do video but video doesn't work I'm a bit iffy about using it. Other than thst it was great while I thought it had no flaws.
    01-29-2016 09:21 AM
  11. Sunhop's Avatar
    Podcast Republic plays video just fine

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    01-29-2016 09:37 AM
  12. Cyvain87's Avatar
    Yeah I don't necessarily use the video aspect but just feel like im not sure I can trust an app that says it does something then it doesn't. So fsr been finding podcast Republic is working great but I'll check the others too incase I like them better.
    01-29-2016 09:39 AM
  13. dlashworthjr's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat. Having left iTune's podcast app that was just there, I'm looking debating on paying for Beyond Pod, Pocket cast (never used it) or keep using the free edition of Beyond Pod, until Google makes it's own frickin app. What do you guy's and girl's think?

    I like the auto- download for offline use, as I monitor my data
    Dark theme is really nice, but as long as its not to bright
    Nice UI.
    Notifications of new podcast being available.
    Also multi device. I own a Mac and know that Pocketcast can be used and would think that if Google made a podcast app built into google music, that it would also be available on the Mac. I'm not sure if BeyondPod as a web version for the Mac, let me know!
    04-02-2016 11:49 AM
  14. anon(9485947)'s Avatar
    Another vote for pocketcasts here...
    Its a simple UI that makes sense.. I can download everything at home on wifi, or stream if I need to later on... and The fact that I can play at up to 2X speed (without making people sound like podcasts) makes it a lot easier to get through a lot more podcasts.

    I've played about with beyondpod, dog catcher and podcast addict., but they all fell down somewhere, and so I gladly handed over the cash for pocketcasts.

    If I'm being hyper critical, the 2 things I don't like are the fact it gives the episodes random names when it downloads them, rather than meaningful ones, and I can't seem to enter the rss feed directly (although to be fair I can't remember ever needing to do this, as the built in directory seems to have everything, and I imported most of my old ones from the pc using an opml list)
    04-02-2016 04:31 PM

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