1. ptb127's Avatar
    Is there any application that can make the Moto Droid have a Sense UI virtual keyboard or an iPhone virtual keyboard??
    01-31-2010 12:19 PM
  2. TreyDaPrince's Avatar
    Better keyboard offers an iPhone like skin for the keyboard but IMO it is a step down from the stock keyboard. There's a new virtual keyboard out now called Smart Keyboard which I like (although I prefer Swype), but it doesn't offer skins. So if you're only lookin for looks and not performance go with Better Keyboard. If you want something that works and the stock keyboard just isn't doin it for you, go with Smart Keyboard.
    01-31-2010 02:45 PM
  3. Adiliyo's Avatar
    i agree with that statement.

    i'm really liking smart keyboard, swype never felt natural for me, i had to think to much about typing, my fingers are used to just hammering out what my brain says without any active thinking.

    BK is nice and pretty, but isn't fast enough and is in need of a real update.

    you can get the sense keyboard on the droid, but it is unusable since it's designed for a screen with a lower resolution and is TINY on the droid...
    02-01-2010 12:35 AM
  4. stuckingoo's Avatar
    Big Button Keyboard is easily the best I've tried. Somehow they've made it very intuitive (by putting the left hand keys on the left side of the keyboard and the right side keys on the right.....it is not quite qwerty) so you are not hunting for keys and, like the name suggests, you rarely mis-hit a key.
    02-01-2010 09:00 AM