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    The Caller Name Announcer Lite is a combination of two best utility applications: Caller Name speaker and SMS announcer.
    [APP][FREE] Caller Name Announcer Lite-icon.png
    Download link From Google Play Store : Download

    APP Features :
    ★ You can customize playing message by adding before and after message caller name announcer.
    EX: if you add Hello before caller name and answer now after, then caller name announcer lite will speak like: Hello X person is calling answer now!
    ★ The app speaks unknown, if caller name isn’t found in the contact list
    ★ Announce SMS sender
    ★ Read SMS content
    ★ Respects your sound profile setting, so no speaking if your phone is set to vibrate only or silent
    ★ Many languages supported
    ★ Enable/disable the app by one click without uninstalling it
    ★ Enable/disable speaking caller name announcer
    ★ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only
    ★ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents of the SMS
    ★ Volume and ringtones setting
    ★ Change voice speed and pitch settings.
    ★ doesn’t require a big memory storage
    ★ Graphics are designed in high definition with user-friendly interface
    ★ The app is totally free
    ★ It work’s on any Android device
    ★ Sounds are in high quality and it works on any handset.

    [APP][FREE] Caller Name Announcer Lite-11.jpg[APP][FREE] Caller Name Announcer Lite-22.jpg[APP][FREE] Caller Name Announcer Lite-44.jpg
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    It's so beautiful...
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    thank you
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