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    Let me introduce my project - Elements Live Wallpaper

    Fire Elements is a Live Wallpaper that simulates the flame.
    This is the second live wallpaper in Elements Live Wallpaper series.

    [APP][4.3+] Fire Elements-fire_screen1.jpg
    [APP][4.3+] Fire Elements-fire_screen2.jpg
    [APP][4.3+] Fire Elements-fire_screen3.jpg

    You can:
    • Customize the flame
    • Select your favorite background image
    • Paint the flame in any color;

    Applications of Elements Live Wallpaper project available to everyone for free, without any restrictions, without advertising.

    See more on the Google Play Store

    I will be glad to your feedback and comments.
    Thank you!
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    01-26-2016 04:56 AM

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