1. wangdw611's Avatar
    I just used iSyncr to wirelessly sync my music which went very well. However, when I go into any of my music players, every song is listed at least twice as if there were duplicates. It doesn't seem to duplicate the actual file but it's very annoying to have to go through a list of duplicates. Can anyone help me fix this or know of why it's happening?
    02-27-2011 10:16 AM
  2. Tiptopdrop's Avatar

    Have you tried clearing the media store and letting it rebuild?

    From the iSyncr FAQ.
    I have problems with my playlists, what should I do?
    Your phone has an internal cache where it stores this information. Sometimes this cache gets out of sync. You can delete this cache by looking for an application called "Media Store" (or similar) in "Settings->Applications->Manage Applications". You may have to press the menu button and change the filter to show all applications. Once you find "Media Store", open its options page and select "Clear Data". Then reboot the phone to force the cache to be rebuilt.

    If that does not do it, there may actually be duplicate files on the phone. If so, try

    What about removing music, will iSyncr remove playlists when I want new ones but am out of space?
    Yes... if you select "Remove Music Not In These Playlists"
    02-28-2011 07:48 AM