1. C1tyG1rl's Avatar
    Hi! Mr Number used to whitelist area codes and I loved it! Unfortunately they did away with that service. I need to block all calls from out of state area codes OR the inverse - whitelist local area codes. What app will do that? I have a Moto X
    02-11-2016 07:08 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    BlackList will do regex, so you can block 10 digit numbers, but there's no more "0 or 1 as the second digit is an area code" standard, so any 3 digits can be either an exchange in your area code or an area code. About the only guaranteed numbers are the exchange 555 and the "800" area codes. 703, for instance, if it's the beginning of a 10 digit number, is central northern Virginia. But as the beginning of a 7 digit number, it's a local number for you.
    02-12-2016 05:58 PM

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