1. veggiop's Avatar
    I'm in the market for an android device however I'm not able to locate google voice app that is available for the iPhone.

    There are 2 types of google voice apps via the iPhone. One is a direct dial/VoIP solution the other is an app that works seamlessly with the iPhone which I'm looking for in the android market. It doesn't use VoIP. It's not a direct dial. You can set it up where it calls your google voice number back. Since I have the 1400 minute family plan I have my GV # in the list so it's free calling.

    Tested an htc went to the market and can't find anything similar. The only thing I can find similar is what I don't want, direct dial over wifi or 3G.

    Any help?
    03-01-2011 12:18 AM
  2. takeshi's Avatar
    Replied on another site but you're looking for gvMyNumber or something similar. I don't think gvMyNumber is in the Market.

    You'll still want the GV app as gvMyNumber (and similar apps) and the GV app are not redundant. The GV app isn't VOIP.
    03-01-2011 09:44 AM