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    At each period of bad weather (rain, cold, cloud ...), I wonder all the time the same questions:

    Where is the fine weather?

    and especially

    Where is the sun?

    By applying SunTracker you never lose track of the sun.
    In 3 clicks, you retrieve the list of cities around you meet
    3 following criteria:

    • Your ideal temperature
    • The maximum search distance around you.
    • The type desired Weather

    The application SunTracker consists of 4 screens independent of each other.

    1. 1st screen: research

      Top: local weather

      When the application is launched, the local weather of your position is displayed.

      Centre: query

      Then you can thanks to the 2 sliders:

      - choose the ideal temperature minimum (between 32 and 122F, configurable unit in options)
      - choose the maximum distance from your location (between 1 and 1250miles, unit configurable in options)

      By default, the ideal temperature is equal to the local temperature.
      By default, the maximum distance is 500km.

      Bottom: weather

      You could choose a type of weather:
      - Only the cities with the sun
      - Or cities with any kind of weather.

      According to the criteria used, the search may take several seconds.

    2. 2nd screen

      The next screen shows the search with the following criteria:

      • NYC as a local position
      • 50F minimum
      • Within a radius of 850 miles
      • Let the sun
      • The cities of 100,000 +
      • A list of 20 cities.

      To filter results you can specify in your search the following options:

      • The size of cities research in population.
      • The number of results to display

    3. 3rd screen: the top 25.

      Regardless of your research, you can always refer in real time the weather for 25 cities in the world's most liveable of the current month.
      Excellent to give you ideas for holiday.

    4. 4th screen: map

      Each city of the result is displayed by his weather marker on google maps.

      The click on a city on your results list will take you to its position on the map.

    5. Permissions.

      • Internet to retrieve the data (weather + results + Top 25)
      • Location: Using the gsp / or network geolocation.

    6. The market.

      The lite version consists of the main function of the application:

      • The search and its options
      • The results screen and all its options (with ad)

      The package name is com.sun.tracker.lite

      The full version consists of:

      • The search and its options
      • The results screen and all its options (ad free)
      • Top 25
      • Map.

      The package name is com.sun.tracker

    Good tracks
    We await your return with impatience

    03-01-2011 06:14 PM

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