1. UrDroid's Avatar
    Our Droid Turbos came with Google Play Music, which we've disabled and don't care to use since it's mostly about buying stuff online, and without the stock Android music player that would play any of our existing mp3's. Where can we download this original basic player? (Playstore has a couple of apps obviously based on it but they tend to have ads, which we don't tolerate, and problems. And we don't need anything fancy with cover art etc)
    02-29-2016 07:39 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Give MortPlayer Music a try. It's free, and I think it's ad-free (but not 100% sure).
    03-01-2016 01:52 PM
  3. UrDroid's Avatar
    MortPlayer has ads.
    Kudos to the dev for saying so upfront, so I don't have to scan the reviews. I hate that Google doesn't oblige devs to state that an app has ads, presumably since that's how they make money too. I suppose a lot of people are OK with ads... I'm not.
    03-01-2016 10:41 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Oh, sorry about that. I guess I scanned the app page too quickly. I've used it before, but just couldn't remember the ad part.

    How about Shuttle Music Player? Their website says no ads.
    03-02-2016 01:31 AM
  5. JimTapeslack's Avatar
    Apps cost money to develop... People don't like to pay for apps too... It's a necessary evil!
    03-02-2016 09:19 AM
  6. UrDroid's Avatar
    People don't generalize. Ads aren't a necessary evil for me; I'm glad to pay a few bucks for a good app without them. And I'd hate to see the whole Internet go that way! I've been reading about the recent crusade of PageFair against ad-blocking, white knights (who somehow manage to profit from this themselves!) on the side of a "free Internet", by which they mean an ad-funded Internet. This is crap. You have a right to charge me to use your site (or app) if you want, but not to force me to view ads. They're a corruption of the whole concept of the Internet. (Not to mention that I have never, ever, bought anything because of an online ad -- more the reverse.)

    Shuttle looks decent, much like the BlackPlayer I just checked out, which also has no ads. But I really want something much simpler. No album art, lyrics, automatic this and that. Just a utility to list and play mp3s that I put on my phone.

    Where is the stock Android 2.x app that did this? On Playstore I only see a couple of versions put there by jerks who want to profit from ads they've stuck into code they didn't even write themselves. (This is the kind of mentality you get now...)
    03-04-2016 01:35 PM
  7. UrDroid's Avatar
    Finally found this, not sure how I missed it before. Near-stock music player, no ads. Keeps it simple.

    AOSP Music+

    By the way, I was just googling the subject of ads, and the industry reports (historic -- you can actually measure how effective advertising is now!) the overall click rate is only about 0.06%... and half of those are by mistake... and obviously this isn't factoring in the population blocking ads, about 1/3 of viewers. Put that all together, and about 1 in 5000 site users are intentionally clicking on an ad, and who knows whether they do anything further. And this is supposed to be today's economic model for the Internet?
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    03-04-2016 04:08 PM

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