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    So I recently bought the EVO and was looking for an app that can stream video from my pc. I downloaded the vlc s&c app at was trying to configure it to allow streaming over 3g, but I couldn't get it to connect (used these directions Streaming over VPN | traveldevel.com). So I went to the trouble shooting section (Tests | traveldevel.com) and got stuck on part three. I tried turning off the firewall on my PC but still it wouldn't connect. Is there something else I can do to connect to the vlc web interface from my evo? Also is there supposed to be a http:// in front of the ip address on the mobile web browser?

    Another thing I figured I'd ask, is about streaming mkv files using vlc s&c. Whenever I try to play an mkv file over wifi vlc crashes on my desktop. Is that a common bug? Note: I'm using 1.1.7 version of vlc

    **Ok so I read around and it seems that vpn's don't work with froyo on the EVO. So I guess the main problem I'm having is trying to stream mkv files to the EVO.

    Thank you
    03-03-2011 07:48 AM
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    03-04-2011 11:26 PM