1. albatros3's Avatar
    I present you with the app National Anthems.
    App contains more than 120 national anthems with flags.
    The app is ideal for learning and fun.
    All anthems are grouped by continents.
    Sounds are in midi format.
    The application includes a test of knowledge.

    Each anthem may be assigned to your favourites.

    Download from "Google Play"

    [APP][FREE]National Anthems-screenshot_2016-02-23-12-52-53.png
    [APP][FREE]National Anthems-screenshot_2016-02-22-23-41-17.png
    03-21-2016 07:59 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!
    03-21-2016 08:11 AM
  3. albatros3's Avatar
    I invite you to watch a short film with the possibilities of my app
    04-05-2016 07:13 AM
  4. albatros3's Avatar
    hi, I added to the app, interactive map of the world.
    [APP][FREE]National Anthems-screenshot_2016-04-26-14-46-38.png
    05-02-2016 04:34 AM
  5. albatros3's Avatar
    I made an update of the app itself and data in it. I invite you to download.
    [APP][FREE]National Anthems-screenshot_2017-08-29-22-11-38.png
    08-30-2017 04:06 AM

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