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    This apps allows you to create your own unique clock, to show your creativity and personalize your desktop.

    Download Link:


    First, open the apps

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-26-23.png

    Start: To start drawing your clock
    Help: Will enter into this blog
    More: Find out more good apps
    Share: Share this Apps to friends

    Let's click "Start" to begin.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-26-38.png

    Draw the dial of the clock (excluding the hour mark). The background is transparent. The top row is tools. The botton row is:

    1. Undo drawing
    2. Go to the next step after you finish your drawing
    3. Redo drawing

    For the tools, the left most tool is to draw again.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-26-59.png

    The second left most is the mirror tools. It will divide the clock into two half and produce mirror image as the following:

    Click the mirror tool again will back to normal.

    The tool next to mirror tool is to change the line thickness.

    The tool next to line thickness is eraser. The eraser can also be changed for the thickness or becomes circle and rectangle. Click the eraser again will stop the eraser.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-32-06.png

    The tool next to eraser is Shape tools. You can choose to draw free line, straight line, solid circle, empty circle, solid rectangle and empty rectangle.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-33-24.png

    The tool next to Shape tool is Color. You can click to select the default colors in the bottom, or you can click the color wheel to choose your own color. Your color would be save in the last two bottom for future use.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-33-57.png

    The tool next to Color is Gradient. You can choose the second color and the style of the gradient.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-35-18.png

    When finished, please press next (I think you can draw better than me).

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-22-11-03.png

    A. Use Number to represent the Hour
    B. Draw the hour mark

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-35-43.png

    (A). For A, you can choose to change color and size of the number here.

    (A) Pressure Next if you thick it is good enough.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-41-21.png

    (B) For B, you will draw the hour mark, and then change the size of the hour mark. Pressure Next if you think it is good enough.

    Draw the hour hand.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-42-57.png

    Click "Preview" to see the result. Click "Close" and the click "Next" to proceed.

    Draw the minute hand.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-44-55.png

    Click "Preview" to see the result. Click "Close" and the click "Next" to proceed.

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-45-15.png

    Congratulation! You have made your own clock. Now you can:
    1. Restart if you think you can draw better
    2. Close the Apps and then add the Widget
    3. Share the clock with your friend

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-45-39.png

    The Widget would look like this (I think you can draw better).

    [FREE]Draw Your Own Clock-screenshot_2016-03-19-21-45-54.png

    The clock will update every minute. If you don't need to watch the time for a long time, you can simply click to switch off the clock. If you want to see the time, simply click on the clock and the time will show again.

    Download Link:

    03-24-2016 10:48 AM
  2. cornsdev's Avatar
    nice app, thanks for sharing
    03-25-2016 06:37 AM
  3. tanguco's Avatar
    nice app man !!! checking it
    03-26-2016 12:42 AM

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