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    We recently purchased the GizmoGadget and activated it, but we were unable to pair the device with our iPhones after hours of attempts. We eventually used my brother's android to do the initial pairing and added the iPhones as "secondary caregivers", but we need to transfer the "primary caregiver (admin)" functions to the iPhone since that is the phone we need it on; which is done by reseting the devices and redoing the initial pairing (back to the first problem). There is a huge issue with the app for iPhones. Additionally, there are functions for the App the need to be improved such as adding additional "primary caregivers", making the locations more user friendly, and adding customization the the notifications so we aren't alerted to every notification. At the end of the day though, we'd really like to have the app work on the iPhone without issues, that alone would be great. We have been able to pair after the initial pairs, but unable to complete the pairing with the iPhone for the first pairing.
    04-09-2016 11:06 AM
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    Sorry for your trouble. We mainly help with Android and your problem sounds to be with iPhone. I suggest asking over at our sister site (iMore | The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!) and they will help out.

    Good luck! .
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    04-09-2016 01:17 PM

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