1. JKib#AC's Avatar
    I'm a long time Palm user (way back to the Pilot), but I switched to the Eris. Now I need to replace some of my old Palm apps with Adroid equals.

    >Phone Application replacement. I'll look at any. I'll also settle for a way to just have the default launch with the dialpad closed.

    >Outliner. Not a checklist. I need indent and line up down. Similar to ThoughtManager (if anyone is familar with this Palm app).

    >A button remapper. Specifically to remap the find button to launch my Outliner when I find it.

    >NKJV Bible.

    >Backup program. Something simple that will back up everything on the Eris so it can reinstall everything after a factory reset.

    I know about searching. I have. The returned info is massive. I'm posting for help here and on a couple other sites to try and narrow it down.
    02-07-2010 01:59 PM
  2. o2bnclemson's Avatar
    as far as a Bible goes, I use one called Bible by Life Church TV. It has almost every common version out there. I was a longtime Palm user too and absolutely live my Eris. There's simply no comparison.
    02-07-2010 02:49 PM
  3. JKib#AC's Avatar
    Thanks for the lead. I've narrowed my Bible search down to between Virtue Bible or Olive Tree (but I'd like one with a verse widget).

    What about the others I listed. I'm guessing the Outliner is out (I sure have not found anything). Remppers don't seem to exist, either.
    02-08-2010 10:12 PM
  4. JKib#AC's Avatar
    Wow, I can't believe the lack of responses! No welcomes or nothing! Palm users were so much more polite!

    Anyway, I found an app I have not seen mentioned here. It's called Button Shortcut, free on the market. It allows remapping Find and Camera button. It worked on the Find button, but I can't comment on the Camera as I have an Eris.
    02-09-2010 03:53 PM
  5. Corey's Avatar
    I can give you a welcome, but unfortunately, I may not be of much more use, as I'm new to the Android world myself and using a Droid, not the Eris. I'm using a program called Evernote that may or may not fit some of your needs for the outliner program, but I'm unsure if it's specific enough. I found a brief mention of Outliner on Handango's website, but the actual download is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it's a forthcoming program, or perhaps just a mislabeled thing.
    02-09-2010 04:12 PM
  6. TheSultan's Avatar
    JKib, we're all pretty new here so we're all kind of learning together. As the site gets bigger and Android gains a larger market share, more people will know more and be able to share more. I came in hoping to help you with some suggestions, but I use none of the things you ask for.

    What I've done so far is downloaded all the apps I can find for a certain function. I went and got all the free weather apps and decided which I liked. Then did the same for an RSS Reader. It's a slow process but now I can help people who those two areas! lol

    As of now, I have no experience with any of the needs you posted above, hopefully someone will give you some input soon. Good luck.
    02-09-2010 05:03 PM
  7. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    Treocentral may have polite people, but Precentral has some of the rudest people I ever come across. Profanity towards me when I discussed hardware issues with the Palm Pre when I had it. Extremely uncalled for behavior over there. Having said that, WELCOME!
    I'm very new to the smartphone world, so I'm not going to be of much use for these programs as I haven't heard of them before.
    02-09-2010 05:13 PM
  8. JKib#AC's Avatar
    Precentral does have a different feel (but that's WebOS...if Palm could've somehow saved PalmOS on the PRE...wow)

    Anyway, I'll share what I've learned thus far:

    1. The Market is duanting. Like you sd, Sultan, it's a slow process. The 24hr refund policy sure helps.

    2. I already mentioned Button Shortcut. I've installed it and so far no problem.

    3. I'm reading much about MyBackupPro. I also just learned about a newer backup program called Titanium (thanks to Klaymen on another site), but I have not searched it out yet (I guess it requires rooting, which I'm not even sure is possible on the Eris).

    I'll try and contribute as I can.
    02-10-2010 10:32 AM