1. AC Question's Avatar
    It seems like the best way to record sound is with the video capture. I can't find an audio app that seems to use the stereo mics to their full potential. Anyone know of one?
    04-14-2016 08:49 AM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    What phone? I can move this to the specific device forum to see if you can get a more specific answer.
    04-14-2016 11:01 AM
  3. Crazyapps91's Avatar
    Total recall it records from both sides.
    04-14-2016 03:30 PM
  4. Scumperjumper's Avatar
    I would look at the blue company. They have a 3.5mm Mic that hooks on your phone via headohone Jack. Its not expensive either. So now you need a decent app and you'll get goood audio. And I'm credible song I produce music and dj.....

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    05-16-2016 03:58 PM

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