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    FineArtPaper - high quality wallpapers for your phone in pure material design for all the canons of Google!
    Masterpieces of the outstanding artists of the 19th century, from Ivan Aivazovsky and Claude Monet to Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh!
    All wallpapers are in ultra HD quality. Regular updates. Cloud storage.
    We carefully choose for you more and more excellent works of artists and replenish our collection.
    Art movements:
    - impressionism
    - post-impressionism
    - expressionism
    - marina
    - realism
    - symbolism

    - Vincent van Gogh
    - Paul Gauguin
    - Claude Monet
    - Alfred Sisley
    - Edvard Munch
    - Arkhip Kuindzhi
    - Vasily Vereshchagin
    - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    - Paul Cezanne
    - Edgar Degas
    - Georges Seurat
    - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
    - Camille Pissarro
    - Ivan Aivazovsky
    - Edouard Manet
    - Mikhail Vrubel
    - Isaac Levitan

    Awesome wallpapers for your phone!
    You can set a world masterpiece as the main phone screen or save in superb quality in your gallery.
    Each work is accompanied by information about the author, title and date of the work.
    In the design of app used fragments of the work of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night Over the Rhone"

    Google Play:
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    04-16-2016 08:35 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    04-16-2016 08:41 AM

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