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    I´ll be embarking soon in very big trip, and the maps.me app is just perfect for what I need. I am struggling, though, with the level of detail on some zoom levels.

    I mean, when zoomed right in, as in whenwalking through a city, the level of detail is exceptional. However, when zooming out (like when planning a highway trip between cities) all the detail just dissapears. I know it is there because when zooming in it appears, but such "close-in" levels are innapropiate when trying to navigate between cities.

    I´m attaching for example a Screenshot of the Phoenix area, zoomed in with all the detail, and then a screenshot when zooming out (let´s suppose I am planning a road trip from Phoenix to Grand Canyon Park- it does not even appear...)

    MAPS.ME - detail / zoom-screenshot_2016-04-25-17-24-45.png

    MAPS.ME - detail / zoom-screenshot_2016-04-25-17-25-26.png

    thank you!
    04-25-2016 03:31 PM

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