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    Hi all.
    My name is Tuan Le Anh, from vnSpeak in Vietnam.
    At vnSpeak, we are specialized on Accessibility apps for blind and visual impaired people.
    Our vnSpeak TTS is unique Vietnamese TTS that used by blind people in Vietnam.
    Also, our Auto TTS is special TTS engine that changes language on the fly. Multilingual blind people worldwide love it!

    Let me introduce our latest app named GrabText.

    GrabText: Easy copy, translate and share text from apps-featured.png

    • GrabText is a tool for quick copy, translate and share text from another apps.
    • GrabText can extract text from apps where you cannot use the default Android long press text selection feature.
    • GrabText provides eyes-catching, floating icon on screen. You can activate, deactivate or access its service anywhere, in any apps.
    • No root required, no ads and free!

    Main features:
    • Quickly copy to clipboard, translate to your language or share to third-party apps.
    • Selection of multiple on-screen text blocks at one time.
    • Easy access, activation or deactivation with main floating icon.
    • Auto-start with selected apps.

    How to use:
    • Open GrabText.
    • Click to GrabText floating icon to activate text selection mode. For the first time, you are requested to enable GrabText in Accessibility Service Settings.
    • Click to on-screen text blocks to select text. Re-click will remove text block from selection.
    • Click to GrabText floating icon again to open information popup window with selected text.
    • Click to Copy Icon, Translate Icon or Share Icon on information window as desired.
    • Click back button or re-click GrabText Floating Icon to disable text selection mode.
    • GrabText Floating Icon can be moved anywhere on the screen by drag&drop. Moving to X Icon at bottom will shutdown GrabText.

    • Opening GrabText Settings window can be achieved by two ways: from Settings > Accessibility > GrabText, or from GrabText's build-in information popup window.
    • Settings items: Information window's height, width and text size, target language for translation, list of third-party apps GrabText will auto start with.

    • GrabText needs system's accessibility features to see what text on screen. We don't monitor and record your activities by any way.
    • GrabText uses third-party online translator. So, we can't warranty quality and reliability of translation feature. Anyway, you have an alternative option by sharing selected text to Google Translate app to get quality and reliable translation.
    • GrabText can work with many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, News Republic.... However, some times GrabText can't recognize text on screen, especially for apps with webview.
    • In few cases, GrabText can detect on-screen content changes and auto deactivates text selection mode. You have to manually re-enable again.

    Play Store link

    You can see more info and screen shots at Play Store.

    This is our new app and to be honest we are not sure GrabText can work on all types of devices.
    Please, give a try and let me know your suggestions.
    Thank you.
    04-25-2016 10:48 PM
  2. Tuan Le Anh's Avatar
    Video demo for quick in-app translation feature:

    04-26-2016 02:53 AM

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