1. TheotherJohn's Avatar
    Is there anyway to get tasker to "accumulate" your charges for a period of time and send a text to your phone with the daily amount? Or even as the event happens so you have a text "record" for the day?

    I use one card all the time for miles but I'm horrible about remembering to pay it off each day from my bank card. I also am forgetful about what charges I already paid and where the new ones start when I try to just look at the online statement. As I type this, I realize I should probably just stop using the card

    But I was thinking it would be great if I could expand on the current notification (real time, once per charge, disappears upon the next charge) feature in SP with tasker - but I don't think tasker can intercept the data from SP to collect it and send it later. I have no idea how this would work - was just wondering if someone smarter than me had this situation as well.

    Thanks in advance - from what I know about tasker and permissions, I don't think this is possible but figured I'd ask.
    04-28-2016 01:46 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    It is possible for apps to read notifications, but not to read data directly off of Samsung Pay (there's no API for obvious reasons). Not sure if Tasker can do that or not, but there are ways to 'intercept' the notification and read the contents of it. Whether or not you can get the amount charged or not from there, it's up to how much information the notification contains. PushBullet uses this feature to 'push' notifications to PCs and other devices.

    It would be easier to set up a recurring daily reminder for you to manually check your Samsung Pay statement and pay it off daily. If you don't mind me asking, though, why do you have to pay it daily?
    04-28-2016 02:04 PM
  3. TheotherJohn's Avatar
    It's more psychological than anything. If I slowly see it coming out of the bank account, then I keep a better handle on what's flowing out of that account. Versus a big lump sum at the end of the month that I didn't think about because it was on the credit card.

    Admittedly, I'm horrible at balancing the checkbook. This is just one of those things that would help me stay on task. I just like to automate the sh*t out of my daily life

    Yout statement reminder suggestion is good - that's going to be my fall back if there isn't a way for tasker to just say once a day, "Your balance today was X" vs. me having to pull it up and add up the numbers.

    I was surprised SP didn't have some type of "total" notification that you could opt to set at a frequency of your choosing just to solve for this. The individual notifications seem kind of silly to me - I'm using the phone to make a purchase and then you send me a notification about it?
    04-28-2016 02:18 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    The reason SP doesn't have something like that is probably because not all cards support full transaction listing, only transactions made by Samsung Pay. It's still, in the end, your bank's information that counts (and this is clearly stated in the transaction list in SP).

    You can use services like Mint, that keep track of your spending for you, including how much you have in debit accounts and how much you have in debt (credit cards, loans, mortgage, etc.). It can even help you figure out a budget to certain goals and include warning reminders when you spend too much overall or on a certain category.
    04-28-2016 02:23 PM
  5. TheotherJohn's Avatar
    That's a good point - I forgot about mint. Thanks for the tips and insight on SP!
    04-28-2016 03:16 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    No problem! And hey, make sure you do send that to Samsung as feedback, it would be a nice addition even if you don't get a notification but a way for you to summarize daily, weekly, and monthly activities by card and in total. Even if it's just for SP transactions, it would be useful.

    For now I think Mint can probably help a lot with what you want.
    04-28-2016 04:24 PM

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