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    Intro :

    You know that feeling when an app is open and wanted apps to be displayed right of your fingertips? Swipedge is the best app to do that! Swipedge is the most functional, stylish, customizable sidebar with a nice looking mini-drawer that let you open your favorite apps whenever and wherever you want! Also, You can control your sound level and lock your phone very fast.

    Swipedge Features:

    • Fully Customizable: pick colors that match your style from a list of beautiful colors and themes recommended by graphic designers expert.
    • Control Sound: increase, decrease, mute, maximum your audio volume become super easy, just by swiping your finger throughout the Swipedge!
    • Lock Phone: Quickly lock your phone with a single swipe.
    • Open Multiple Apps at Once: with the new Mini App Drawer, you can open as much as you can of your apps.
    • No need of Launcher: Swipedge isn't a launcher, so you can use it while keeping your existing launcher with no problem.
    • Fast Delete: if you don't need Swipedge to be displayed right of your phone while working on an app or playing a game, you can delete it with a single swipe in the top direction.
    • Material Design Applied: we have applied most principles of material design in Swipedge design.
    • Full phone, phablet and tablet support.

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    Outside this topic, I'm an android developer and I think I'm a great designer, I love to create high-quality apps and I always try to create awesome designs for my apps because If you develop the most tech app in the world with an ugly looking people will hate it. The problem is I can easily create visual image that communicates an idea but I struggle so much writing description, titles and information stuff in my apps and that always broke all the work I did in the development and design process, and this happens again with this app "Swipedge" .. I can't write good words to describe my app!! so please if someone have the skill of copywriting can help me with writing stuff in my app.
    Thank you :o
    04-30-2016 11:50 PM

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