1. srikat's Avatar
    I am using Google Photos on my S7 Edge and have set automatic uploading in High quality (when connected to Wi-Fi). In the camera app I've set the photos to be stored on the micro SD card.

    Now my question is, is there a way to automatically delete the photos from the SD card after they have been uploaded to the Google Photos 'cloud'? I know that there's an option in the settings to free up device storage, but that is a manual task and it'd be pretty convenient to just free up the device storage automatically. Any ideas?
    05-02-2016 06:01 AM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I don't believe automatically. You can go into the Google Photos app though and tell it to remove all photos that have been backed up. The only way for this to automatically happen would have to be with root/tasker (at least I would think).
    05-06-2016 12:14 PM

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