1. Matthews555's Avatar
    Hey guys, i would like to buy some stuff from tr2 store, but each time i visit it, it says warning message as titled above.

    Could somebody tell me, how to possibly fix this, since i did not find any other topics related to this?
    05-16-2016 05:23 AM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    Welcome. Any chance you could elaborate on what the TR2 store is? I did a Google search for TR2 Store and only found results for Triumph parts (automotive).
    05-16-2016 09:07 AM
  3. Matthews555's Avatar
    Hey, i used tr2 as an shortcut for Temple Run 2, sorry for that.

    It is basically a store in the game, via which you can buy for example coins.
    05-16-2016 02:34 PM

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