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    I used to use an HTC M7 phone and when calling a phone number from my calendar, the meeting would pop up in the contact window space. This allowed me to see the meeting access PIN and enter on the dialpad, as well as see other notes that were on the meeting (from Outlook calendar). I now have been using the Samsung S5 for about 6 months and when calling from the calendar, it does have a pop up to access code and thought that was cool. Not sure how its been getting the correct code out of the full invite of numbers but it does and works well. However if you accidentally hit the screen anywhere or put it on speakerphone, the popup goes away before you can hit OK to send the codes. Then you have to hang up, look for the code, write it down or whatever. I have tried a couple different dialer apps but non pop up the calendar invite like on my HTC or even have the popup to enter the codes (is that a google thing?) .

    Anyone know of a phone app that can -
    1. Automatically have the conf codes in a pop up like the default app?
    2. Open the calendar data in the contacts section so you can see the conference code?
    3. The ability to paste numbers in dial app would be helpful sometimes as well.

    Hope this all made sense, on a conf call as I type this...


    05-16-2016 12:41 PM

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