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    I tried to google this for a week now and scroll through here but didn't find anything identical or helpfull. I'm using a S6 Edge with Marshmallow.

    Last week suddenly my phone stopped loading most of the pictures and other media on my timeline. This meaning all posted media and also user avatars. If the twitter manages to load preview of a picture and I try to open it fullscreen it might load it or not. Often not.

    First I tought it was a connectivity problem but everything else works fine on my phone. Then I thought it was something to do with power saving settings or something as for some reason after Mashmallow update my Facebook app won't sync when I have power saving on. But that dind't help either. I cleared the cache, re-installed the whole thing and tweaked permissions and other settings. Often after a force stop it will work about half a minute and load normaly (albeit slowly) media but then it stops again.

    So at the moment I'm using twitter through Chrome and experiencing none of the problems. I'm also considering switching to a non-official app.

    So do anyone know why this happens. Is it a common problem related to the update they rolled out few weeks ago. Yesterday I got a new update but it didn't help.
    06-08-2016 02:04 AM

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