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    After using Blackberry for years, and being used to how they handle emails, I checked out numerous Android email and messaging apps, and arrived at the following solution for a Hub-like experience:

    - Use a Launcher (like Nova, etc) which allows home screen page scrolling, so that you can scroll to the left, as well as unread badges for messaging apps (in Nova's case, you have to install their TeslaUnread app).
    - Get "All Messages Widget", and apply it to the bottom half of the last page of your Homescreen. This widget shows call logs, and incoming Whatsapp, Facebook Messgenger, Google Hangouts and SMS massages.
    - Get Aquamail - the only email app out here with a slew of features that BB had/has, such as: The ability to include Sent emails in the combined inbox, great multi-account message list color options, and the ability to dismiss new unread count badges by simply opening the message list - not requiring you to actually open unread emails or mark them read. Also, it has color choices for account-specific icon widgets, and the most highly configurable message list widget out of all of the email apps that I have tried.
    - Apply the Message List widget to the top half of the last page of your homescreen, and set it to the "Smart Folder", which is the all-accounts inbox for Aquamail.
    - Set aquamail settings to show sent emails in the inbox, and to show only alerts for new unread emails.

    (It looks the best if you set both widgets to transparent background)

    Now, go to the first page of your homescreen and swipe it to the right - revealing the "Hub" that you created to the left.

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    06-10-2016 10:52 AM

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