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    Flynx claims that it can “open links in background from any app (just tap on the link and choose Flynx)”

    I have installed Flynx on two tablets and one phone (all Android 4.x…) and find it cannot open links from any browser I try and use it with.

    These are the steps I go through:
    1) I install and open Flynx (A page with two “tabs”, Saved and Recent comes up and a “How it works…” appears on the screen)
    2) I then open up any Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Dolphin…) and execute a Google Search.
    3) I now want to click on the links that I’m interested in reading, expecting Flynx to “open those links in the background” and expect to be able to access those links when I desire, (read them, read them when offline, read them in nighttime mode…)
    4) Flynx NEVER presents:
    A prompt to select between Flynx or <other browser> to open the link.
    A window prompting to “Open” or “Edit” “
    A window saying “Complete action using”…
    5) In fact Flynx never does anything. The links open in the browser (e.g., Firefox or Chrome) just as they would if I only had that browser. If I go back to the open Flynx app nothing’s changed, there are no bubbles, nothing!

    (I’ve gone through the same routine after having selected Flynx as my default browser and stipulating a backup browser… When that didn’t work, I uninstalled Flynx and reloaded it so I would be back to vanilla Flynx.)

    Why does Flynx get such rave reviews if it doesn’t work with browsers?
    Is there something I am doing wrong?

    (p.s. Unfortunately, Flynx seems to have no technical support. I did send a message to hello@flynxapp.com with no results.)
    06-14-2016 02:46 AM

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