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    SyncMate is a powerful tool that can easily sync your Android with Mac computer.

    SyncMate can sync your personal data (contacts, calendars) between Mac and Android for absolutely free. Sync is performed in background, so it won't distract your attention from current tasks.

    SyncMate Expert syncs media files (images, videos, music, playlists), folders, bookmarks between Mac and Android; sync can be performed automatically according to your settings. You can manage SMS on Mac, mount Android as Mac disk or view your calls history on computer.

    SyncMate interacts with Mac apps directly, so your contacts, calendars, music, videos or photos are synced to Address Book, iCal, iTunes and Photos respectively instead of just being transferred from Android to Mac.

    No matter which device you own, if it runs Android 4.x-8.x, SyncMate will sync it with your Mac (OS X 10.9 required).

    SyncMate module for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Market.

    NOTE: SyncMate for Android is just a sync client app! The main sync software that should be installed on your Mac can be downloaded from here.
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    06-22-2016 08:11 AM

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