1. Mike Liakopoulos's Avatar
    Hello all, so I recently downloaded the new update for the G Keyboard from the play store and after I finished the initial setup, whenever I open the keyboard, the letters, symbols, numbers and emojis, practically everything disappears and all the buttons are completly blank. When I press Shift or I switch to another language, the letters return for a short period of time (~ 2 secs).

    I tried deleting the app cache, and rebooting and uninstalling and reintsalling but nothing worked. Is there a solution to this, is it a known bug of the new version?

    My phone is a Rooted LG G2. Google Keyboard version is do my Google Keyboard Characters Disappear from the buttons after a few seconds?-screenshot_2016-06-24-14-30-09.jpg
    06-24-2016 08:39 AM
  2. Nathan Glenn's Avatar
    Same exact thing happens to me and my LG G5 is also rooted.. Let me know if you found a solution and i will do the same..
    06-25-2016 05:49 AM

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