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    AT&T Tethering Police Crack Down on iPhone Users - Yahoo! News

    The headline calls out iPhone users...and there's a lot of verbiage specifically calling out jailbroken iPhone users. BUT this line (in the 2nd paragraph) makes me wonder;

    AT&T has launched an official crackdown on smartphone users who have been tethering to their laptops
    I have PDANet on my Inspire (which is NOT jailbroken. I used the 'airplane mode' work around to install it), I've only used it once for data tethering (I have mostly used it in my office - where my service is spotty - to send text messages through my laptop a couple times though.

    Any Android users out there been contacted by AT&T in the way described in the linked writeup?
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    03-19-2011 09:30 AM
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    I was wondering about this too. I just downloaded PDANet to my Atrix but don't know if I want to purchase the full version if ATT is contacting people...

    I read this article last month but thought it was just for jail broken iPhones. Are there any Android users getting messages from ATT about this or no?
    04-12-2011 08:04 AM