06-14-2018 11:38 PM
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  1. 16Tons's Avatar
    Finally got my S5 to display my Swann video system,
    Download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=com.SwannView
    This one works on my S5.
    Remember to use Mobile Port # 18004
    Mine is setup to only use WiFi
    Make sure that your S5 security is correctly configured.
    08-12-2016 04:10 PM
  2. Krime916's Avatar
    So I got a swann security system and hooked it up everything worked great except for the mobile access when not on wifi. I read thru countless reviews and tried everything in the book to no avail. I finally gave in and called the swann support. The very first try we had it set up and working in couldn't believe it was so damn simple. Basically when you first set up your system via wifi it should automatically recognize the dvr. You then close the app and turn off your wifi ( I was turning it off while still in the app before) and simply open the app back up and it worked! Also she said for the system I have I needed to use the swann view link app not the pro or regular version.
    01-17-2017 02:47 PM
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    June 14 2018 Only MEye on my Android devices and Swann DVR 2550
    I have a Samsung Galay S9 Plus running Android 8 Oreo
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 running Android 5 Lollipop
    I have an ancient Swann DVR 2550 that I acquired from a friend and client.
    I have tried Swann and Swann Pro to no avail endlessly

    My Thinkpad T430S running Windows 10 Pro worked forever with no problem (see notes below)
    Android has been a real PAIN.
    I tried to get all the settings in here as too often, techie types often assume everyone knows what they have or can somehow read their mind. Like fail to name the systems models, operating system levels, firm ware on DVR, fail to say from which side of the world they’re trying to get in from (WAN or LAN) and what ports, etc. So the, the reader is no better off as they may be missing a key piece of the puzzle that the poster has but did document.

    However I got MEye to work. Downloaded from Google Play store.

    I have an ancient Swann DVR 2550
    I have tried Swann and Swann Pro to no avail.
    However I got Meye to work.


    1. DVR Details:

    • Device type: DVR0B
    • Flashed the DVR with the latest firmware: V2.6.0-20130213
    • Hardware Version: DM-700
    • Keyboard Version: DK-16K
    [*]IE Version 2.1.737.0[/LIST]
    2. On the DVR Network Setup Page:
    Type: Static
    UPnP enabled
    Media Port: 9000
    Mobile App: 18004
    Web Port: 85

    2. Network Router Setup
    I have a Netgear R6300v2,
    DVR is static IP: IP UPnP is on so all these map to the DVR
    85 –
    If you don’t have UPnP on, you’ll need to map each port to the ip address on the LAN

    Check to make sure your ports are open using: you can use CanYouSeeMe . org
    Check that 18004 and 9000 are open

    3. Android Devices: This works on BOTH WAN or LAN:

    Device name - Matched DVR: DVR-4CIF[*]Device type: DVR0B[*]Flashed the DVR with the latest firmware: V2.6.0-20130213[*]Hardware Version: DM-700[*]Keyboard Version: DK-16K[/LIST][*]IE Version 2.1.737.0[/LIST]

    4. Android Devices MEye – add a router using these parameters
    Device name - Matched DVR: DVR-4CIF
    IP/Domain: External Router IP Address
    Port: 18004
    User Name: admin
    Password: whatever your admin or user password is
    Max Channel: 4 (as I have a 4 channel)

    Then go to settings in MEye.
    I use these checked:
    Auto Play
    Original Video Scale
    Play style Smooth
    Only Support old device
    Then it connects. Make sure you save the settings and put in the correct password.
    5. Windows: Using the SWANN software Swann
    You can use the LAN address or the WAN address
    IP: your routers IP Address
    Media Port: 9000
    User name & PW
    Network: Internet
    DVR’s IP:
    Media Port: 9000
    User name & PW
    Network: LAN
    06-14-2018 11:38 PM
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