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    We spend about $1200 to get about 5000(total approximate, we got more) installs USA continuously for one of our apps for 4 days in a row(about 1500-2000 per day), we are still testing the market before we give a big order to games development firm for our game ...

    We also spent an extra $200 for the first day and gave a good boost for about 2500-3000 installs for first day ..

    Now on third day our app hit no. 2 in the category(trivia) in USA(under Free New category), also 41 on Free Trivia , but the number of downloads remained really low ...

    Its been 8-10 days now and the app now keeps slipping down and we have made absolutely nothing(like $60 odd) against an expenditure of $1500+ , the number of downloads also remain really low ...

    So its not like a lot of people are downloading our apps and then uninstalling it for being disliked , despite being a top in many categories we could not get much downloads ..

    Is this normal , what we expect in future , should we expect some rankings for keywords and then some downloads..

    Can any one please tell us with their experience what we might have done wrong ...

    Also between jigsaw and solitaire for our next app which is best ....

    07-14-2016 07:15 AM

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