1. ctleng76's Avatar
    There are many email apps out there on the Play Store besides the usual Gmail app, or the manufacturer stock email apps on most of our devices. I have an HTC One, and while I love the phone, the email app leaves much to be desired. Gmail performs solidly, but it lacks customization options and forces me to use it in a way that I don't particularly like. So, I am curious how many of you out there use something different, and if so, what are your recommendations?
    07-15-2016 11:15 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I love using Nine, but I think that only supports Exchange accounts (which I'm fine with, because I do like the GMail app for my personal account and needed something better for work).

    k-9 and blue mail (recently acquired by Amazon) are a couple popular choices, but I didn't really like them TBH.
    07-15-2016 12:19 PM
  3. tube517's Avatar
    I like Aqua Mail and Mail Droid.

    Kaiten (K10, based on K9)

    are what I've used.
    07-15-2016 01:18 PM

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