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    A long time ago, I purchased a license for a PC software title called "Ultimate Jukebox" - Ultimate Jukebox ... I still use this on several jukebox machines I've built, but I am looking for something similar that will run on Android. I have looked in the Play Store, but there are just too freaking many options and the handful that I have tried do not live up to my needs... which are:

    1) The app MUST be able to access MP3s over a local network.
    2) The app MUST be able to handle 3000+ MP3 files.
    3) I do not want the database to update itself automatically, EVER.
    4) The app MUST be able to play randomly from my entire catalog of music.
    5) An interface similar to "Ultimate Jukebox" would be nice, but not required.
    ... actually - Ultimate Jukebox: Feature List - would be great!
    6) The app must NOT mine data, gather data, or report data.
    7) I would really prefer no ads. I would be willing to pay a FAIR price if the app was perfect.

    I know that sounds like I am being picky, but it's only because I am. I know what I like and I know what I need... I just don't know where to find it Any help any one can provide will be GREATLY appreciated!
    07-19-2016 12:25 AM

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