1. Unicorn56's Avatar
    I installed Moxier Mail trial version and decided I didn't need it, so uninstalled it. Now none of my accounts sync. My corporate exchange account won't sync anything, mail or calendar, and my personal comcast account no longer syncs either. I have to manually refresh them. What's up with that? Anybody have this problem? Anybody know how to fix it?
    03-21-2011 08:19 AM
  2. takeshi's Avatar
    Have you checked your settings in Accounts and Sync? Have you tried removing these accounts and adding them again?
    03-21-2011 08:53 AM
  3. Unicorn56's Avatar
    The settings show that they should be syncing. I did not want to have to delete the accounts and redo them because I don't want to end up with duplicate contacts (as I have had happen before.)
    03-21-2011 03:48 PM
  4. Unicorn56's Avatar
    OK, I deleted the corporate account and readded it. Still not snycing. I'm really getting ticked off. It was working perfectly before I installed and uninstalled Moxier Mail... I used to get my work emails on my DX before they even hit outlook on my desktop at work!
    03-21-2011 04:10 PM

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