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    Hi guys, so I used the "Smart Hide Calculator" by IDS Studio to hide and protect some personal info.

    I went to "hide files" and hid the file. But when I went to the "unhide" button and tapped on the folder, the app just froze, stopped working, and my pictures didn't reappear in my gallery.

    I tried going on a computer, clicked "show hidden files," and connected my phone to it in hopes of finding the hidden pictures on the computer. Unfortunately, the folders were empty. I am afraid that the app hasn't had any updates since 8/19/2014 so my pictures may have somehow been permanently deleted. I appreciate any help, suggestions, solutions, and anything so that I can recover my important files.

    Also, I have a Samsung S6 Active... Extra info in case it's needed and thank you in advance!
    07-20-2016 11:58 PM

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