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    Hello world. MAD Vids is looking for app developers to test run our new ad tech system. It is currently live, but looking to get app developers to install to get feedback. This input is to help us keep our system app centric and focused, and developers can make money at the same time. Since we are an ad provider as well it may also be a venue to display an ad for your app which we will also put on our website as a bonus venue for free advertising.

    Currently for the first 50 apps we will be paying out at a 50% gross profit of every view that is seen on the app during the trial period. Making this simple so apps can calculate exact targets for display, number of users needed to make a profit, etc... Unlike others we don't extract all the overhead, salaries, investor payback and the like then pay a percentage after. We pay the app FIRST to maximize their revenues as we are app focused. This makes app profits in direct relation to its own success, not influenced by fluctuations in the ad market.

    For an overview of our solution is in order to help app monetization we provide the most simple and combined strategies in marketing. We don't like mobile ads so MAD Vids is only short (6-8) sec, app content and geo-location targeted video ads, hence Mobile Advertising Video System. No one likes pop ups, ad bars, or click-through's as it steers you away from the app. Our vids are embedded so instant load and close. Short, quick, precise. MAD Vids is ad to app direct and will also give an additional ad credit to advertisers during this trial period. More info on www.rdemadvids.com, or reach out direct for more info or with feedback. outreach@rdemadvids.com

    We are more than willing to help developers walk through a monetization plan and where we can fit. We are also willing to assist in the creation of the ads for less tech savvy businesses. Just reach out and let us know.
    07-23-2016 03:00 PM

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