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    I have been writing my own apps for a while now, most of the time is when I couldn't find an app that does what I want in the market.

    During some time last year, I tried searching for 'Credit Card Manager' and found a couple of them. First I tried the free ones - some did ok while some can't even get the due date reminder to work properly!

    After that I was thinking it might be worth to invest a little money in a paid app that does the job. So I quickly searched the market and found one that costs $7 bucks (you can still find it in the market now, just search for 'Credit Card manager' and look for the one with red icon), straightaway bought it, thinking I could get a professional app to manage my credit card at last!

    The interface is quite dated (old style UI) and when I try to use it I quickly found that I am lost. It looks really complicated though it has very complex charts and tables and stuff, the accountant sheet looking interface kind of pushes me away. And it doesn't seem to fulfill my basic requirement too - due date reminders.

    So I have decided to write one my own. And it had been almost a year now I think I have made something spectacular Now it is in the Google Play Store for sale for $2.99. I think this price is fairly reasonable seeing that me myself would gladly pay $7 to do something similar (but maybe that's just me)

    The sales was not very good (most of the downloads were given out for free via promo codes) and as an Indie developer I guess I don't have the budget to promote it further other than spamming in forums. That is until I found this subreddit I thought why not give it a try. I did get some valuable feedbacks that allows me to improve the app. After some improvement cycles I think the app now is much better than when it first started.
    I've decided to make it a paid app because if I could generate some income from it I could spend more time developing it rather than find a part time job, of course my dream is to one day support myself by writing apps that I enjoy writing (other than working in boring company projects) but lets not go too far

    If you wish to support my work and buy me a coffee you can opt to purchase directly from Google Play (link below). On the other hand if you think you rather keep your money but you think that this app is a good idea and wish to try it out, I still have some promo codes to spare so just drop me a PM and I'll send you one

    If you read until this line, thanks for listening!. The app is by no means complete, I still have a lot of things in my personal backlog

    Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...tcardinstantly
    Attached Thumbnails [App][Paid] Manage Credit Card Instantly-manage-credit-card-3.png   [App][Paid] Manage Credit Card Instantly-manage-credit-card-2.png   [App][Paid] Manage Credit Card Instantly-manage-credit-card-1.png  
    07-26-2016 07:46 PM
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    Thanks for the link, and good luck!
    07-27-2016 03:58 PM

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