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    Ployd Black Box supports multi language (Korea / English)

    Deployed in vehicles that frequently work in heavy traffic situations at risk of a variety of accidents, Ployd Black Box effectively serves its intended purpose of being a vehicles black box. In addition, Ployd Black Box saves the vehicle speed, date, and time and location data from the phone's GPS receiver, and allows you to view the vehicles route overlaid on top of a Google map, side by side with the video. Moreover, when you decelerate abruptly while driving, the G-Sensor registers it as an accident. Upon detecting such incidents, Emergency Calls automatically displays a button on the phones screen. Focus on your driving only! Ployd Black Box takes all driving records for you!

    - Continuous recording, Incident recording
    - Lets you view recorded video and saved driving data (drive date, time, location, and sudden accelerations and decelerations) on your phone
    - Allows you to email the location data of any incidents that occur
    - Lets you make quick emergency calls to contacts on your Emergency Call list
    (e.g. family, police, insurance agents etc)
    - Lets you view both the drive video and the vehicle location on a Google map side by side
    - Video Only and Map Only modes are also available
    - Displays driving speed and direction on screen
    - Determines and indicates whether the vehicle is driving in ECO Driving mode
    - Supports ECO Driving to help you have sound driving habits and drive safely
    - Helps you save energy through ECO Driving

    Galaxy A,S, HTC Desire are verified. Motoroi, Nexus One, Sirius are not. Etc. has not been verified. An error occurs, please send an E-mail & uninstall this app.

    If you want to know more details in terms of Ployd, please search and check that out in android Market by typing of Ployd Black Box

    If you are still not sure to purchase in order to use it because of quality, there is one more option that you can choose to know about ployd Black Boxs quality.
    Its called Ployd Black Box Lite !! this Version you can be able to download freely from below section of Ployd Black Box after search in App Store.
    Totally free but there is one condition for usage 15mins limitation, which means you can only use it for 15 mins. But enough time to know about all the functions of Ployd
    Just try it out to make sure you love ployd Black Box

    Cheers matey..

    Have any question please contact us to by belows

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