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    hey folks, long time viewer, first time poster....

    So here's the dilemma that has driven me to drink (almost)

    First off, no flaming, I am perfectly well aware my phone is a PITA POS...

    Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL (Which really isn't all that fierce TBH) running Lollipop 5.1.1 on the nation's largest supplier of crap prepaid phones, Metro PCS.
    Attached to this "fantastic ear cancer generator" via one of Heddy Lamar's visionary creations called bluetooth, is a Samsung Gear Circle. (Thanks for X-mas mom!)
    The gear has a feature where once it's powered up, just push the button, and music plays through whatever default player you use for your music. (I'm just using Google Music because I got tired of filtering through other apps to find what I wanted. Gave up.)
    For a bit, this process worked just fine until recently:
    Now this phone will, at quite random times, rather than start up Google music it turns on this retarded Sound Recorder (version v5. OR it'll turn that AND Mix at the same time. (Or my personal fave: Plays the music on Play Music while also recording whatever it wants to record and putting a song 1 track in the playlist before what is currently playing up on either pause OR play)
    and no... there aren't any virii.. ran a few then uninstalled when they found nothing, and even took it in to Metro to have their techs see if the phone needs ANOTHER warranty replacement.
    Neither app has the disable button accessible.
    Neither app has a setting menu.
    Neither app has default settings option.
    neither app are liked by me, ESPECIALLY that mother*^%&^% Sound Recorder.
    I'm not rooting this phone (Um.. this is the third one. A PRO bricked the last 2 phones til he read this phone isn't all that root friendly) so that option isn't valid.
    Oh, they are system apps, so uninstalling isn't a digital life choice.
    I also unpaired the Gear and re-paired it.
    How in the Blind Blue Blazing Saddles do I stop the insanity of EITHER app from ever firing up?
    Will I have to buy a phone that isn't a complete waste of swear words when it f&^$s up?
    Is the fault within Google's wonderful OS?
    Is there someone (or a group of someones) that has the required 4 more brain cells than me that knows the answer(s)?

    If I could afford to get rid of this phone, I would happily place a piece of steel on top of it, and then ignite a Thermite pellet on top of that, and watch that little digital world burn.
    (I'm not the violent type, not a pyro, I just think it would be fun to watch a dry-docked Viking Funeral. This thing needs to die by fire. Maybe the heat will open a gate to Hell, and this device can return to it's birthplace.)
    Let's see if this posts pics...
    Can't stop Sound Recorder from RaNdOmLy starting up!-screenshot_2016-07-29-14-00-28.png
    Can't stop Sound Recorder from RaNdOmLy starting up!-screenshot_2016-07-29-14-00-35.png
    Can't stop Sound Recorder from RaNdOmLy starting up!-screenshot_2016-07-29-13-59-59.png
    Other posts I found on the web REMOTELY referencing this app has some saying you can't manually start it.
    Can't stop Sound Recorder from RaNdOmLy starting up!-screenshot_2016-07-29-13-59-55.png
    Whoomp, there it is!

    Someone save my sanity please?
    07-29-2016 04:56 PM

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