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    Hello. Im new to using Tasker. Ive set up multiple different tasks, with each one initiated by shaking my phone. It takes to long to close out of an app and change to another task. What im trying to do, is create a on screen floating scroll down selection box. In which i can just select which task i want to run. By selecting the other script from the drop down box, it will stop the previous script and enable the one selected.

    As an example, incase im not clear on what im trying to do. I have two different scripts made. #1 and #2. Lets say i currently have script 1 running, and i want to switch to script #2. I use the onscreen floating drop down box to select script #2. I want it to immediately stop script #1 and enable script #2. Any help would be greately appreciated.
    07-29-2016 07:20 PM

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