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    Dear All,

    as a service engineer, I have about 50..100 different kind of spare parts. Each has a barcode representing its Product Number (g. 10016558).These are "normal" (=one dimensional) barcodes (and not QR-codes). And to each Product Number belongs a certain price.

    Primary task would be the following:
    Previously I input all Product Numbers with their prices, as a small database. Thereafter, when I read the barcode a certain Part, I would like to know its price. So it can be used as a digital and real time pricelist.

    On the GooglePlay there is a huge mount of barcode readers (and also inventory apps), but, as I found, with a different features.

    Do you have a proposed App for this task?
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
    08-07-2016 06:09 PM

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