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    There are some really helpful app suggestions for musicians in this forum, but I'd love to find two that don't seem to exist -- and I can't help but think there would be a market for these, especially with all of these tablets coming out so soon.

    The first is a good gigbook app -- this would be an app that can
    * take images or musicxml (I think that's the right term) files
    * organize them on the device
    * allow a musician to mix and match into a variety of gigbooks and
    * make it easy to turn pages, by touch or by swipe.

    I think someone's already asked if there is an app like this, so if it doesn't already exist, I'm here to second that request.

    Many of my iPad owning colleagues talk about using an app like this, and there's even some kind of foot-pedal page turner they can use.

    The second is a music notation app. I do a lot of arranging/lead sheets and would love to be able to use a tablet to work with. This does not need to be complicated, but it would be nice to be able to
    * Choose the number of staffs per system, clefs, key signatures, and time signatures
    * input notes by pitch and duration by touch, and input accidentals by touch (I am thinking of something like finale's quick input, if anyone knows what that is)
    * add chords and lyrics
    * save/output in pdf and musicxml formats

    This is all I would need; I'm sure that other instrumentalists would have a few more requests (e.g., special noteheads for drummers).

    I know that I'm a sample of size 1, but I would be willing to pay not *serious* money, but at least money in the tens of dollars for reliable apps like these.

    Also -- THANK YOU to those who added to these threads with good apps for tuning, metronomes, recording, and reference material. There is a lot of useful stuff!

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    03-23-2011 12:51 AM