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    Do you enjoy the relaxing beauty of the ocean in summer? This live wallpaper is perfect for you. Enjoy the beautiful top and bottom of ocean at the same time.

    It includes animation of a moving cloud, boat, fishes. Additionally, you can customize the look of boats, the speed of movement and turn on/off objects, define start and end day for the day night scene.

    Screen shot:
    [Free][Android] Ocean Live Wallpaper-screenshot_2016-09-05-11-44-38.png



    Please feel free to give me any suggestion. Thanks
    09-05-2016 02:51 AM
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    I also offer the Full version consist of extra features on:

    It includes more features as following:
    1) Day-night mode
    2) No advertisement & lowest-permissions-needed (does not require any addition special permissions)
    3) Two different scenes (HONG KONG Victoria Harbour scene)
    4) Ship selection such as sailboat, Hong Kong Star ferry
    5) Ripple effect
    6) Fish, birds animation
    7) Touch interaction (e.g. interactive with fish, firework)
    8) Water bubble effect

    If you're really concerned about app permissions or/and very like this live wallpaper. You can give me support to purchase the "Full" version for a very low price. I appreciate that you give me this opportunity to use my live wallpaper. Thank you so much.
    09-13-2016 01:06 AM

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