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    Hi guys, after months of works I ve finally officially released my little baby: Keybee, the keyboard designed for touchscreen.
    The idea is easy, why we have to type on the QWERTY while we use different gestures on touchscreen (swipe)? The qwerty was invented for typewriters..!!! That was my struggle since years and because I did not find a valid alternative I invented one..!!!
    You know to make a revolution you have to change point of view, see out of the box this is why I decided to trash the qwerty and start the design from the device perspective.
    To make the perfect keyboard I also invented a new touchscreen gesture: the Twipe. Twipe Is a combination between tap and swipe and it is possible only thanks to the hexagonal structure of Keybee.
    You can try Keybee, is completely free and give me feedbacks and suggestions.
    Keybee Google Play Link.
    Keybee Keyboard and new gesture: the twipe-keybee.png

    Thank you..!!!
    09-06-2016 09:20 AM

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