1. jessphotos's Avatar

    Currently I have the HTC Thunderbolt. I've just upgraded from the Motorola Droid (original). After the activation, the T-Bolt installed all my apps I had installed on my MotoDroid. That was great.

    However, now that my primary phone is the T-Bolt, I still want to use my MotoDroid for my niece to play games with. So I decided that I should uninstall a lot of apps I won't be using on my MotoDroid anymore. My question is about the Back Up My Data under Privacy Settings. If I uninstall all of those apps, what would happen when I purchase my third Android phone in the future? Should I disable my Back Up My Data feature so my new (third) phone doesn't install what my MotoDroid has installed (just games)?

    I tried disabling Back Up My Data but the following popup said:
    "Are you sure you want to stop backing up your settings and application data and erase all copies on Google servers?"

    When I saw that message, I wondered if after I purchase my third (new) phone, it will not get updated automatically anymore. So I canceled that and thought I'd come here and ask the experts!

    Hope I'm making sense.

    Thanks all for your feedback in advance!

    03-27-2011 12:07 AM
  2. bweyrauch's Avatar
    I have questions about the backup and restore feature too. I have an original Droid and just got the ASUS Transformer yesterday. During setup, I entered my gmail account from my phone, and my tablet restored all the apps installed on my phone, along with WiFi passwords. I haven't found any way to manage backups from more than one device to a single gmail account. Is this possible?
    05-11-2011 09:55 PM