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    So, I got greenify. I always thought it was a free app, but for the first time this week I really started using it and when I tried to hibernate some pre-loaded (system) apps, it didn't let me without the donation package. I thought "ok, maybe it's better. Paid apps generally know what they are doing".

    But to my surprise, apps like YouTube, even Samsung's "Clock" and others, keep coming back, and even non-pre-loaded apps (such as facebook) do not stay in hibernation (at least, I always see them under the "Will hibernate in a few minutes when screen"... by the way, "when screen" what ?). So I always have to manually hibernate apps I open and use, and some keep waking up on their own anyway (when greenify promises they won't, that one has to manually execute apps for them to wake up, then that they will auto-hibernate once closed). I might be actually disappointed in paying for this. It's not working, and I turned greenify "on" in "accessibility" too.

    Also, I don't want to risk flashing Xposed to still be able to get notifications when I already use TWRP and SuperSU (and my ROM is official, yet customized by myself, since I uninstalled all bloatware, then just backed up the new ROM with TWRP and reinstalled it), plus, Xposed says it is compatible with "6.0", so Idk if that includes Android 6.0.1 or not. But I wish Greenify's devs had been smart enough not to kill every push notifications.

    Any greenify experts out there whom know how to finally make auto-hibernation work by itself, and make apps like Facebook quit being stubborn ?
    Any light with getting notifications still too ?

    Apps that wake up on device's boot:

    Featured (apps) *widget
    Email (Samsung app)
    Galaxy Apps
    Play Music
    Internet (Samsung's browser)
    Memo (Samsung)
    Messenger (Facebook)
    My Files (Samsung)
    Opera Max
    Recarga Certa (Samsung's app for adding creds to SIM)
    Smart Manager
    Theme Store
    Video (Samsung)

    Some of these are the ones that keep waking up during operation (not just on boot), such as Facebook, Clock and Opera Max.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    09-12-2016 02:31 PM
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    I may be missing something but I've enabled everything to try to get some type of alert as to why things don't work like they should but I don't get feedback no matter how many boxes I check. The only notification I was getting was when Doze would turn on and that was rare and for just a few minutes when it did work. First I would recommend going to troubleshooting and that will give you some more options. There was also an option I saw when clicking on a stubborn app that would cut the wake up pathway. That may help with your problem. Turning off priority notifications for the problem apps may help too.

    What solved my problem with Doze was just downloading another app called Naptime. I left Greenify running as well so I would still get the Doze notification and it confirmed that Doze activates 5 seconds after screen off and continues to work without interruption. I just downloaded it today so I haven't seen the long term effects but it looks like it may be the better app, for my phone at least, and it may even be running both together that's working out as I haven't tried Naptime without Greenify yet.
    02-06-2017 04:52 AM

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