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    Firstly, just switched from iPhone 6 to Edge S7 last week and loving it. I have it set up 99% perfectly, but one thing is bugging me: S-Planner.

    On iPhone I used to recieve a push notification when someone sent me a meeting invitation, however this doesn't happen. I get the 15m reminders on existing but that's it.

    Apps installed:
    S Planner - with calendar synced (email deactivated)
    Outlook - with email synced
    Glimpse - active with both S Planner and Outlook whitelisted

    I do get an Outlook email when the invite comes through, but compared to the choices you got on iPhone it's too vague.

    Even if I disable Glimpse I don't get any notification of an incoming meeting from S Planner (only an outlook email as mentioned above).

    I've checked the application manager, notification settings in Outlook, S Planner & Glimpse as well as the notifications section in Samsung settings too and everything is fine...

    I'm wondering if maybe S-Planner just doesn't have that feature or if it only works if synced with Gmail app.

    Any ideas?
    09-14-2016 12:15 PM

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