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    Hi there,

    As a relative newbie to the gym, I use a workout app to guide my routine each day. However, the problem is that my gym gets really crowded and oftentimes the machine I need to use for a particular exercise from my app is being used.

    Does anyone know of an app with a feature that provides alternative exercises to work out the same muscle group as in the original exercise?

    I know that there are other workarounds to this issue (e.g., wait until the person is done using the machine, do a different exercise first, or just become familiar with alternative exercises), but for me, it would be easier if I could just press a button and quickly see a list of alternative machines or freeweight exercises that would hit the same muscles as the original one. I also know that there are some apps which provide a comprehensive directory of exercises (& related muscle groups), but none seam to offer a quick and easy way of substituting one exercise for another mid-workout.

    Would appreciate any and all suggestions - thanks!
    09-16-2016 06:20 PM

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