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    Can anyone suggest an IP camera to monitor my mom who is recovering from surgery? It is with her consent, so a front facing LED isn't a problem necessarily, though I think no front facing lights would be a plus. (I wonder if it will phreak out visitors?) Maybe I should point it to the ceiling when not actually using it?

    Of course, I want it to have android support, and also:
    • pan/tilt
    • at least VGA quality
    • 2 way audio
    • infrared red for night-vision
    • windows 7 support

    Technically, I guess it doesn't need an android app, but at least a web page where my credentials can be remembered so i don't need to enter it over & over again.

    My budget is < $200

    So far, I'm considering these 2 but am not sure if it will work with my win7 laptop:

    FOSCAM IP Camera

    H264 Wireless IP Camera with Pan and Tilt, 2 way Audio. Night vision, Motion Alarm, Support for Windows, Apple MAC and Linux

    I am comfortable with dynamic dns, firewalls and networking.

    Any tips would be appreciated,
    I'd like to buy it ASAP!

    (Presently, I put my laptop on a chair and pointed its internal webcam at my mom's chair where she is most of the time).

    03-27-2011 08:02 PM
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    Dropcam is good.
    I use D-link also and can monitor them from my nexus 1 or pc.
    03-27-2011 11:20 PM
  3. pcguys's Avatar
    I ended up getting this camera 5 months ago, and have been very happy with it:
    Amazon.com: Wifi H264 IP Camera with Pan & Tilt, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio on Apple Mac, Windows, @gmail compatible. SD Flash: Electronics

    There's a nice "ip camera" app on in the android market place so I can check in on the camera wherever I am!

    08-21-2011 09:13 PM

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